Meditation with Allison

Meditation with Allison

Date of Event: Friday's (fortnightly)10:30 am

Event Location: Simply Natural Living - 41 Tunstall Sq Doncaster East (downstairs)

Join us for our fortnightly meditation class.

Allison will guide you through an original meditation with mindfulness and visualisation. These meditations are for beginners and experienced meditators alike and can provide insight into many different aspects of your life.

Each week we will work with a different theme and look forward to you taking this journey to connect with yourself deeper.

We are beginning to work through each of the chakras for the next 7 fortnights, beginning the 19th of July – but you can join for any class you wish!

19th July – Base Chakra

2nd August – Sacral Chakra

16th August – Solar Plexus Chakra

30th August – Heart Chakra

13th September – Throat Chakra

27th September – Third Eye Chakra

11th October – Crown Chakra

About your host:

Allison is a multi-disciplinary healer, who loves working with spirit. Her ability to channel what is needed is truly a gift that us at Simply Natural Living appreciate about her. She is a qualified Reiki Master, seasoned Transcendental Meditator and connected reader. With her joyful, spirited and caring nature, she will allow you to have your own journey, while being held both spiritually and energetically.

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