Meditation with Kristin

Meditation with Kristin

Date of Event: Tuesday's (fortnightly) 7:30 pm

Event Location: Simply Natural Living - 41 Tunstall Sq Doncaster East (downstairs)

Join us for our fortnightly meditation class.

Kristin will guide you through an original meditation with mindfulness and visualisation. These meditations are for beginners and experienced meditators alike and can provide insight into many different aspects of your life.

Each fortnight we will work with a different theme and look forward to you taking this journey to connect with yourself deeper.

About your host:
Kristin is a qualified Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine practitioner, experienced intuitive healer, meditator and facilitator. With experience in holding space with her regular meditation and women’s circles, she loves to connect with others and allow both men and women space to see their own power, transformation and self love.

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