What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy, working with gentle muscle monitoring to identify stress holding patterns and imprints in the body.

Often our emotional pain is felt through our body in the form of a physical issue. The body is clever and is always trying to communicate what it needs, we just don’t always know how to listen! Kinesiology can bridge this gap and allow us to understand our body’s innate wisdom.

What can be treated?

Sessions can be especially beneficial for:

  • past emotional issues and trauma
  • emotional blocks or a tendency to feel ‘stuck’
  • reoccurring aches and pains
  • creating the life you wish to live

The benefits?

Kinesiology is all about looking at the body as a WHOLE. We look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Through this wholistic approach we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, move forward with purpose and empowerment, feel more energised and heal.

How many sessions?

This would depend on how long you have had the issue for and how deep the patterns are within your body.

We suggest a minimum of 3 sessions to begin fortnightly, you may need more if the issue is chronic or has many layers of dysfunction within your system.


  • 1.5 hour session $130
  • 2 hour session $170
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