Tibetan Meridian Massage
(Therapeutic Ku Nye)

Ku Nye is an essential aspect of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM), it is a therapeutic and nurturing therapy that affects mind-body-energy connection.

The rejuvenating and restorative benefits are mentioned in many Tibetan medical texts. Some benefits include the elimination of toxins, increased vitality, reduction & alleviation of various types of pain, calming of nervous disorders including insomnia, depression & anxiety.

Our Therapeutic Ku Nye or Tibetan Meridian Massage incorporates specialized massage techniques to the muscles, tendons and meridian points (sowa rigpa points) of the body.

Through Ku Nye massage, the elements and subtle energy of the body are balanced.

This massage is performed with the client fully clothed so is perfect for those who would like to experience massage but, for whatever reason, would prefer to remain clothed.

What can it help with?

  • Ease headaches and migraine
  • Stimulate the hair and scalp
  • Help localized blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce stress
  • Release anxiety
  • Nervous disorders
  • Chronic conditions

How will it feel?

Ku Nye is a very nurturing therapy, and is more than simply a massage to the physical aspect of the being.

It is founded in a spiritual approach to health, honouring the interdependent relationship between body and mind, and the interdependent relationship between the individual human being and their inner and outer environment.

Ku Nye practitioners make spiritual preparation before attending to each client, in keeping with this profound approach to therapy.

Ku Nye stabilises and harmonises the energies of the body and mind. These energies arise from the five elements of earth, water, wind, fire and space. According to Tibetan medicine, these five elements create our internal and external body.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

It is recommended to have a session once a fortnight for up to 3 months as a preventative measure.
Alternatively your practitioner will discuss a treatment plan with you for specific ailments.

How Much Does Tibetan Meridian Massage Cost?

Our Tibetan Meridian Massage is $100 for 60 minutes

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