Energy Flow Massage

What is a Energy Flow Massage?

Energy Flow Massage is a powerful combination of ancient reflexology and shiatsu techniques.
This treatment is designed to immediately reduce tension in the body and allow the energy meridians to open and flow.
Along with specifically selected aromatherapy essential oils that combine to relax and revitalise.
This treatment combines relaxation massage strokes with warm aromatherapy oils as well as Reiki energy to unblock and move Qi throughout the physical and energy body.

This is a 90 minute treatment which will leave you feeling nurtured, supported, relaxed and ready to take on the world.

How will it feel?

The massage will be gentle and relaxing as your therapist uses smooth gliding strokes over your body. The atmosphere will be relaxed with soft music. You will feel more blissful, at peace with yourself but at the same time energised for the days ahead. You may also feel a little sleepy, you are welcome to remain in our sanctuary to re-energise before continuing with your day.

How much does it cost?

$135/90 mins